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Street Vibes is a powerhouse of music, with hip-hop artists, instrumentalists, R&B singers, and in-house producers. With five talented musicians like Juice J-ULA, Bacdoe, Icey Water, Poppy Chulo, and Get Money Gorilla, I plan on building my brand by producing one musical hit after another, with unique acts.

About Ricky B and Street Vibes

I am Ricky B, and being the firstborn of Bernadette Bernard and Ricky Wingate, was forced to grow up fast and had to take care of my siblings as my father left us early and my mother had to take us to the streets to make ends meet.

Despite all odds, I managed to finish high school at Booker T. Washington High School and attended Tyler State University. I played football at the university on a scholarship.

After being confronted with racial issues, I changed my major to Business Administration and came back home to Houston, where I attended Texas Southern University.

Street Vibe Music and Products and Projects

Juice J-ULA is one of the foremost acts by Street Vibes music label and in addition to that, I also developed our own clothing line, with cool shirts.

Currently, I am also in the process of starting Street Vibes water and energy drinks, aspiring to reach all corners of the globe.

I also plan to start educational classes in the future, focusing on Black-history, self-awareness, sex education, music education, entrepreneurship, and many more.